Introduction to email campaigns

Main page

On the main page you see all campaigns of the funnel you have selected.


A campaign is used to categorize emails of a certain type. Emails of a certain campaign type have different functionality. The differences between transactional emails and marketing emails are described below.

Transactional emails

If you select a Transactional email campaign, you can add emails to that campaign that are sent after a form is submitted.  This type of email is required for the list to confirm addition to your list.  These auto-responders can be used as an opt-in request for marketing emails (e.g. newsletters) or a thank you email. For example to reassure visitors their mail has been processed, or to provide them with a link to a downloadable file or website.

When you link a transactional email to a form, it's sent after a visitor succesfully submits one of the selected forms.



Marketing emails

If you select a Marketing email campaign, you can add emails to that campaign that are sent to a list. Since the Email address field is the minimum requirement for every form, you can send all subscribers a mail.

However, before you can send subscribers a marketing email, they have to confirm to opt-in. This can be done with a transactional opt-in email.

Once you have confirmed subscribers in a list, you can send these subscribers a newsletter. Open the email in the editor by clicking on the thumbnail. Then click the FAB (Floating Action Button) on the right bottom and select Send mailing.