Get your own 24/7 landing page and beacon platform for only 39.00 a month plus the cost of beacons     Proximity Marketing 4 U

                 Get your own 24/7 landing page and beacon platform for only 39.00 a month plus the cost of beacons  Proximity Marketing 4 U

Reach Thousands of People for Pennies a Day

With a beacon, your ad reaches people as they walk or drive past your business anywhere in the world! With your beacon broadcasting 24 hours a day, your message instantly shows up on their phone as they come within range.


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Proximity Marketing 4 U are experts in Bluetooth Marketing. Through Bluetooth technology you can effectively promote your products and services at an extremely affordable price. Bluetooth Advertising Beacon is great for sending advertising messages to phones within a targeted area; letting customers in the   chosen vicinity know about any offers or promotions.


We offer various products to suit any budget and project (No matter how large or small). Our Bluetooth Proximity Advertising System constantly searches for Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices in a specific area and will automatically send your customized message to these devices.

With Bluetooth Advertising, you can save a lot of money and get the best results as well.

Send Notifications To Mobile Devices Up To 300 Feet


QR . NFC tags Physical Web Beacons will help grow your business.


 Gyms . Auto Detailer . Coffee Shop . Movie Theater . Scouts (Boys/Girls)
Charity .  Gift Stores . Painter . Dentist . Insurance Agent . Catering Services . Limousine Service 

Hair Salon . Tire Service . Restaurants . Dealerships . Bars . Boys/Girls . Club . Church.  Youtube. Promotions.
Credit Repair . Life Coach . Chiropractor . Attorney . Nail Salon . Doctors . Fitness Trainer .
Auto Mechanic . Cafe . Event Planner . School Fundraisers . Organizations . Hospitals
Plumber . Tax Service . Real Estate Agents . Child Care  Car Rental .  Pest Control And Many More.

You have total control PLATFORM & beacons

All In 1 Dashboard

Create Landing Pages, Make Forms, Save Lists, Email Contacts & add Beacons All from 1 Dashboard starting at Only $19 A Month.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Build your Sales, Marketing, Video, Ecom, Business Cards, or Real Estate Listing Pages by simply dragging blocks into place. No need to know html.

Beacon Integration

Our Platform allows you to add as many Beacons as the subscription you have will allow. Giving you absolute flexibility, not per Beacon like others do.


We help businesses understand the benefits of Proximity Marketing and building a Network. Our relationship with NowSquare allows us to deploy your brand in a timely manor and work with you to start your campaign.

Because we know the marketing and NowSquare knows the tech you will be miles a head of your competition.

By integrating your business with the most powerful Marketing and Proximity solutions available from Proximity marketing 4 U the only provider and partner you’ll ever need.


Shift Engagement Into Overdrive
With Our Proximity or Nearby Platform

Having the best product available is important to us which is why we teamed up with NowSquare to provide our clients with 2 of the best SaaS platforms available anywhere in the world.

When deciding which platform is best for your needs ask yourself 2 questions, what are your short term goals and what is you long game?

These questions will give you the answer you need to make a decision on how to proceed. If you need immediate leads, customers, and sales then the Nearby platform is where you need to be. If you have enough sustained business and want to build upon your current brand then the Proximity platform will help you achieve your desired results. After you identify your needs we can get you up in running in a matter of days.

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Most Smartphones

Get your messages out 24/7/365

1. The Proximity Beacon  Marketing System Provides A Level Playing Field For All Businesses Regardless Of Size!
2. The Receiver Of Your Message/Promotion Does Not Need To View Same Via An App!
3. The Method Of Distribution Is None Intrusive!
4. You Can Change Your Promotion When Ever You Like.!
5. Proximity Beacons Promoting Your Business 24/7/365!
6. Increased Traffic To Your Website 



Do you know other friends and businesses that might want to advertise with beacons? If you join our Referral Program, you can ride the wave with us, and you can earn income by introducing Proximity Marketing 4 U to others.

That's correct, for $99 you can join our Referral Program and we will pay you a Bonus for everyone that you refer to Proximity Marketing 4 U that buys a beacon package—and we will continue to pay you a Monthly Referral Bonus based on their subscription fees for as long as your referred friends and associates remain active. 

You earn a Referral Bonus when they purchase any of the packages above, plus you earn money every month that you and they remain active! Sound like a deal? Want all the details of the program? 

Near Field Communication-NFC

a special offer to everyone walking by…straight to their smartphone.

Well, imagine no more – amazing is here Proximity beacons.


For trend setters everywhere, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is, without doubt, the next big thing. NFC technology uses radio waves over short distances to connect smart posters with smartphones and download everything from the tiny NFC chip or ‘tag’ in the poster with a single elegant swipe.

Many brands have been experimenting with different engagement technologies to close the gap between digital, social, online activities and the “real world”. The problem with such engagement vehicles is that they are virtually all app-based. But requiring an app to engage is a big barrier to entry for consumers. An app-based campaign depends on consumers already having the installed technology to be able to engage with the campaign.

Near Field Communication (NFC) removes this barrier and that’s why it will play the primary role in consumer engagement in the future. Consumers don’t need to install any apps or commit to any system to engage with NFC. It’s all built in. Touch your phone to something, consume content. That’s it.

How NFC Works


Basically, NFC facilitates data transfer between two ‘devices’ when placed a few centimetres apart – swiped or “tapped”. To explain further, this revolutionary wireless technology enables data exchange or information delivery to occur between any two NFC chips – they might both be installed within electronic devices. Two NFC enabled smartphones can instantly transfer data with a simple "tap" together. Or you could tap your NFC-enabled device to the distinctive NFC logo on a smartposter. And behind that logo is the unpowered, passive NFC chip, more commonly referred to as the ‘tag’ or ‘touchpoint’.

In essence you are connecting chips; chips that are embedded in devices or marketing collateral. These chips can be placed virtually anywhere and be encoded with almost any type of information or media.

You can deliver payment options, coupons, loyalty programs and brand apps, links to join interactive games, product information, social media connections and more. So, for example, when the user taps a smartposter with an NFC chip a browser opens up with a video, coupon, list of stores, directions to nearest store, special offer or whatever promotional offer a campaign manager chooses to deploy. 


QR Code Marketing 

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