Introduction to landing pages

Main page

On the main page you see all landing pages of the funnel you have selected.

Published vs not published

By default the status of a landing page is Not published. This means that the landing page is not publicly visible. When you click the Visit online link, you will see a page with a message like Page not published. No visitor analytics are measured when a page is not published.



In order to publish a page, first open the page in the editor by clicking on the thumbnail. Then click the FAB (Floating Action Button) on the right bottom and select Save & publish.



Now the page will be visible online.


When a page is published, the system will track basic visitor analytics. It's important to know that when you are logged in the system, no visits will be tracked. You have to logout or open the landing page in a different browser. Not another browser window, but a different browser vendor. For example, when you use the system in Google Chrome, you can visit the landing page in Microsoft Edge in order to track a visit.

When a visitor refreshed the page, or visits the same page within 5 minutes, no extra visit is counted. Only when a visitor visits the same page after 5 minutes, a visit is counted.

Conversion ratio

The conversion ratio is the amount of visitors divided by the amount of times a visitor submitted a form that is linked to a landing page.