Near Field Communication-NFC


For trend setters everywhere, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is, without doubt, the next big thing. NFC technology uses radio waves over short distances to connect smart posters with smartphones and download everything from the tiny NFC chip or ‘tag’ in the poster with a single elegant swipe.

Many brands have been experimenting with different engagement technologies to close the gap between digital, social, online activities and the “real world”. The problem with such engagement vehicles is that they are virtually all app-based. But requiring an app to engage is a big barrier to entry for consumers. An app-based campaign depends on consumers already having the installed technology to be able to engage with the campaign.

Near Field Communication (NFC) removes this barrier and that’s why it will play the primary role in consumer engagement in the future. Consumers don’t need to install any apps or commit to any system to engage with NFC. It’s all built in. Touch your phone to something, consume content. That’s it.


Basically, NFC facilitates data transfer between two ‘devices’ when placed a few centimetres apart – swiped or “tapped”. To explain further, this revolutionary wireless technology enables data exchange or information delivery to occur between any two NFC chips – they might both be installed within electronic devices. Two NFC enabled smartphones can instantly transfer data with a simple "tap" together. Or you could tap your NFC-enabled device to the distinctive NFC logo on a smartposter. And behind that logo is the unpowered, passive NFC chip, more commonly referred to as the ‘tag’ or ‘touchpoint’.

In essence you are connecting cards/chips that are embedded in devices or marketing collateral. These chips can be placed virtually anywhere and be encoded with almost any type of information or media.

You can deliver payment options, coupons, loyalty programs and brand apps, links to join interactive games, product information, social media connections and more. So, for example, when the user taps a smartposter with an NFC chip a browser opens up with a video, coupon, list of stores, directions to nearest store, special offer or whatever promotional offer a campaign manager chooses to deploy.