Nearby Notifications are not showing

It's important to understand that the Landing Framework doesn't store any Nearby Notification data. So problems are rarely related to the Landing Framework code.

If Eddystone Nearby Notifications don't show up, make sure you verify the following:

  • The beacon battery is charged.
  • The beacon is transmitting the Eddystone UID protocol (you can do this with the vendor's app).
  • The user's phone has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Make sure the url of the Nearby Notification is SSL (https NOT http).
  • Make sure the phone you test on has the same language as selected at the notification.
  • Make sure the url is reachable.
  • Make sure the content of the url does not conflict with Google terms.


  • Turning Bluetooth off and on again sometimes solves the issue, this seems some kind of Google cache issue.
  • Google has an unknown algorithm to decide whether a Nearby Notification is shown. If a user gets a Nearby Notification each day, but doesn't open it, it tends to get hidden. Because Google wants to provide useful content, and appearently the user is not interested in the notification.